About Us

Our Business Model

We partner with selected technologically leading companies to develop, manufacture and market differentiated human, animal and plant nutrition products that are supportive of our vision and missions.

We also partner with leading channel partners and customers to impactfully deliver our technologies and create economic and sustainable values.


Our Team

Founder and Director of Planet Bioscience

Wilson TAN

Founder and CEO of Planet Asia Group; former Singapore Country Manager, Monsanto.

CEO and Director of Planet Bioscience


Former Global Vice President, Novozymes; former Regional Director, North Asia & SE Asia/ Oceania, Dupont Industrial Biosciences; former Asia-Pacific Managing Director Animal Nutrition BU of Danisco; Regional Market Manager (Asia-Pacific), Animal Science for Monsanto.

Founder and Business Director Planet Bioscience

Robin YAO

Former partner, Vis Vires New Protein Capital; former General Manager of Overseas Investment and Development, New Hope Group.


We operate with the highest level of integrity, judicious level of transparency, and our actions guided by the need to constantly maintain a clear conscience


Discover, understand, develop & market bioscience derived novel bioactives, biochemicals and biomaterials, to satisfy the increasing demand of green chemicals and materials that were previously reliant on petroleum chemistry.


The global chemicals and materials industry are undergoing phenomenal structural changes as China and India, the two emerging manufacturing powerhouses of the world leapfrog in terms of cost leadership, production capacities, and in recent years, innovation and product quality as well.

The challenge, and concurrently opportunity, is for manufacturers from the developed countries to identify vendors from countries such as China, India, South East Asia who are able to meet their quality specifications but at a lower cost, or those able to offer innovative novel products and solutions with solid science and proof of value. Many, however, find that managing consistent product and service quality a lot more challenging than expected, not to mention the need to constantly scrutinize the supplier for product quality and consistency delivered, since some Asian vendors seem to believe that “cutting corners” to improve their bottom line is an acceptable practice as long as it goes unnoticed by the overseas customers.

Planet Bioscience being a Singapore company, owned and managed by a team of professionals who were former senior business executives with Multi-National Corporations, operate our business with integrity and pay extraordinary attention to our quality commitment to ensure customer satisfaction with consistent value delivery.